Background & My Intention

Growing up in an interfaith family, I saw the best and the worse of resolving conflicts, the healthy and unhealthy release of anger, and the ability to build bridges. The deep sense of connectednes to each other and to something greater than ourselves has always been present in my life as well. One of my family of orgin’s values was to be out in nature, allowing me rich time to experience and learn to respect the forests, ocean side, and desert.

Growing up I was a Story Listener. I learned about the importance of deep listening, being heard, sense of place and culture, and being able to make sense of and create meaning in one’s life.

Balance and Harmony work comes from my own daily practice of living a life of a peacemaker, raising my own family, being in the world, and helping to repair our world.

Peace Wrestling is:

  • creation of a vision,
  • bringing values alive through our daily actions,
  • calling upon strengths and gifts,
  • addressing our shadow aspects,
  • learning skills,
  • building bridges within my self and with others,
  • helping others build bridges within each other and nature, and
  • taking responsibility for creating a more just and peaceful world.

My vision of justice and peace are circles of peace -

reaching from within each individual and spiraling out to other people, nature and the world, and the peace created in the world and between peoples, and between people & nature spiraling to individuals & communities.


B.A. Psychology, University of Tucson, AZ
M.S.W., Masters of Social Work, University of Denver, CO
M.P.A., Masters of Public Administration, University of Denver, CO

Susan is an approved provider for Continuing Education for:

  • Social Workers
  • Child Care Providers

Currently learning with:

  • Peacemaker Institute
  • National Coalition Building Institute
  • Nonviolent Communication Network (NVC)

My Holistic Model is woven with Systems Theory, Health Promotion Strategies, Asset Building Model, Mindful listening and talking skills, and Intentional approaches, ideas and strategies for living a playful & meaningful life.