Parent and Family Education Programs

There is a variety of programs, series and coaching (individual and family sessions)    I provide as a contribute to support you in growing your family life.  

Parent and Family Programs are listed below in the following areas:

  • Create Greater Balance and Harmony
  • Compassionate Communication (based on Nonviolent Communciation)
  • Courage to Parent
  • Parenting Tools &  Skills
  • Spiritual Parenting
  • Living in Our World
  • Peacemaking, Nonviolence and Buidling Bridges
  • Restoring Ourselves
  • Storytelling & Story Listening

Consider the following interactive workshops for learning new skills, ideas and strategies and to grow your strengths as a more joyful and meaningful family life: 


Create Greater Balance & Harmony in Daily Life:

  • Balance & Harmony for Your Family
  • Use Rituals to Enrich Daily Life
  • Change the Face of Anger - A Holistic Approach
  • Mindful Listening and Mindful Talking
  • Build a more Compassionate Family Life (inspired by Nonviolent Communication)
  • Connect with your children/extended family with the Four Personality Styles
  • Stop the Drama Triangle and become Empowered
  • Create Harmony & Add Zest in Your Relationship


Compassionate Communication (based on Marshall Rosenberg's work of Nonviolent Communication):

Compassionate Communication is a new way of changing our communication from destructive or negative patterns towards more respectful, life giving patterns of deeply connecting with those around us.  The concepts of NVC are key to embracing a value based process of communication - where all needs matter and we can understand the universal needs we all share.  The skills include:

observation vs. judgment ~ growing our ability to listen for what is under words and
actions + reframing our judgment of self and others, creating meaningful

feelings - no one makes you feel anything - learning how feelings stimulate us and finding
our choice in how we respond to our own feelings and the feelings of others

needs vs. strategies - most of our conflicts are about disagreeing or fighting over the
strategies or ideas on what we think are right vs. the belief that our needs are
are never in conflict

requests vs. demands ~ learning to ask for what we need in a way that others can receive
our wishes and hearing the "yes" behind the "no"


Workshops and series availabe:

  • Do you hear me?!!  Mindful Listening & Mindful Talking
  • Respect Parents & Respectful Kids (based on book by Sura Hart, et al.)
  • When Parenting Hurts, Exhausts and Brings Unexpected Challenges - Rebalancing Needs
  • Compassionate Communication Practice Group for Parents & those parenting
  • Facebook and other Social Media - working with your teens to create respectful communication


Courage to Parent:

Create greater congruence within your parenting role. Parents need time for renewal and to revisit the values and dreams that you began your family life with.  Parenting often brings us to unexpected places full of joy, love and incongruences that challenge us as we try to live between the worlds of our inner & outer family life  and nurturing our own inner life while we nurture our child(ren)'s and co-parents' inner lives.  Discover a Hidden wholeness within yourself and your family life - reduce the sense of fragmentation and dividedness.  Retreats. introductory session, reading groups, series and/or Clearness Committee.

Parenting Tools and Skills:

  • Positive Discipine and Peaceful Parenting
  • Change the Face of Anger - A Holistic Approach
  • Mindful Listening & Mindful Talking- Using Communication to connect with each other
  • Growing a Commpassionate & Empahetic Family - for family or those parenting
  • Working Together - Respectful Parents and Respectful Kids
  • It takes more than 1 to Bully
  • Family Council & Circles of Trust®
  • Setting Boundaries & Mutual Respect - Conversations with your teenager
  • Facebook & Respectful Communication - talking to your child about social media
  • What are you doing with your Life?  Parenting Emerging Adults (19 -25 yr olds)


Spiritual Parenting:

  • Nurture Your Family Soul - using the four levels of body, mind, heart and soul
  • Use Rituals to Enrich Daily Life
  • Leading from your Heart - Connecting who you are with how you parent

Living In Our World:
  • How to Deal with the Effects of Popular Culture
  • Living Between Two Worlds - Build Bridges Between Your Worlds                                    (Worlds can mean cultural, racial, interfaith, popular culture, generational,etc.)
  • Double Parenting: Balance raising your own family & the children you work with
  • Escape Holiday Madness - Create Meaningful Holiday Rituals & Traditions

Restoring Ourselves: 

  • Step off the Tight Rope - Create Congruence & Repair your Closed Heart
  • Stress Management for Whole Person & Whole Family
  • Change the Face of Anger - A Holistic Model
  • Mindfulness Retreats - Listening within
  • Courage & Renewal Retreats - Courage to Parent
  • Forgiveness: Narrow or Spacious Mind
  • Create an Intentional Life - Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward
  • Contemplative Walk & Talk Sessions
  • When Parenting Hurts, Exhausts, and Brings Unexpected Challenges
  • Explore your Hidden Wholeness

Peaceful Families - peacemaking, nonviolence & building bridges:

  • Personal & Family Peace - Skills for Daily Living
  • The Third Side of Peace - Finding Common Ground
  • Rituals of Peace- activities and skills to bring peaceful values alive 
  • Moral Wars - How to Build Bridges when there is a clash in values 
  • Mindful Listening and Mindful Talking - Communication Skills
  • Path of the Peacemaker Family - Joys and Challenges
  • Compassioante Communication - building bridges
  • Hands Across the Table: dealing with difficult subjects, conflicts & situations
  • Family Peace Day or Peace Picnic:  Activities, Skills, and Stories 
  • Peace Wrestling - Stories and Skills to Teach peacemakin/nonviolence skills
  • Living between Two Worlds - building bridges between your family and extended family  modern and traditional pathway, and/or your family values and popular culture.
  • Peace in the Family:  Strengthen your family foundation with 4 critical building blocks:   rituals & traditions, communication, playing together, and restoring balance.  In conjunction with Opalanga.

Storytelling & Story Listening:

  • Use Storytelling to Enrich your Family Life
  • Use Storytelling to Support Healing, Calm, and Overcome Everyday Obstacles
  • Discover the Storyteller Inside You!
  • Support Literacy and School Success through Family Storytelling
  • Discover the Power of Personal Storytelling
  • Preserve Your Family Stories - Collect stories through oral interviews
  • Peace in the Family:  Storytelling & Skills to build a healthy family

Family Programs

  • Peace in the Family: Stories & Skills to Build Peaceful Families, with Opalanga
  • Peace Day: Activities, Stories, and Cooperative Games
  • Change the Face of Anger
  • Stress Management
  • Play & Learn - an interactive program for parents and preschoolers to learn ideas, practice skills, and to learn by having fun 


These topics listed below are available as a single workshop, in-depth series on one topic area, a series of multi-topics, an intensive single event or weekend retreat.