Teachers, Schools & Child Care Centers

As someone who works with children, you are giving your intellectual and emotional labor to nurture and grow our children and families.  You deserve support.

Our Learning Environments for our children are becoming more stressed and fragmented.

These services include a range of programs to support those who work with children.

Please visit the upcoming events web page to see what public events are already planned!

Please view the workshop and staff training listed below, under the following areas:

  • Students
  • Teacher Training & Staff Development
  • Administrators, Directors, Team Leaders
  • Parent & Family Programs

Continuing Education Credits are available for Teachers, Child Care Providers & Social Workers.

These workshops and trainings can be given as one session, combined into a series, or customized to meet your specific needs:


  • "Hey Dude! I can't take this anymore!" Stress Management for Students
  • Mindful Listening and Mindful Talking - Communication Skills
  • Change the Face of Anger - a holistic approach
  • Peace Wrestling - Stories and Skills for Getting Along
  • Weaving a Rug of Peace (in classrooom series of stories and skills - can be done in conjunction with librarian)
  • Peace Day - activities, stories and skills to build a peaceful community
  • also visit the Peace, Nonviolence and Building Bridges Page for more options
  • also visit the Storytelling and Story Listening page for more options

Teacher Training & Staff Development

Balance and Harmony

  • Nurture Your Classroom Soul
  • Use Rituals to Enrich Classroom Life
  • Balance & Harmony - An In-depth Systems Approach
  • Peaceful Teaching and Postive Discipline
  • Positive Discipline Series
  • Behavior Management
  • How to Involve Parents
  • Setting Healthy Limits
  • Communication with Kids
  • How to Better Connect with Your Children or Each other - Four Personality Types
  • Living Between Two Worlds - Build Bridges in Your Classroom                              (Worlds can mean cultural, racial, interfaith, popular culture, etc.)
  • How to Deal with the Effects of Popular Culture
  • Double Parenting - Raising Your Own Family while Taking Care of Other People's Children
  • Compassionate Communication (based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication) ~ Mindful Listening & Mindful Talking; Respectful Kids, Respectful Staff, practice group, etc.

(Child Care Centers & Congregational Settings - See Spiritual Parenting Page for more options)

Getting Unstuck & Building Skills

  • Create Harmony in Your Relationships
  • Change the Face of Anger - A Holistic Approach
  • Peaceful Teaching and Positive Discipline
  • Mindful Listening and Mindful Talking - Compassionate Communication Skills
  • Peace Day - a Retreat to build relationships & skills
  • Moving Through Conflict
  • Shared Vision
  • Connect with Difficult Children
  • Forgiveness: Narrow or Spacious Mind?
  • Use Storytelling to Enrich your Classroom
  • Use Storytelling to Heal, Calm, and Overcome Obstacles
  • Peace Wrestling- Learn Activities, Stories and Skills to teach Peace & Nonviolence

(**Visit Peace, Nonviolence & Building Bridges Page for more options)


  • Step off the Tight Rope - A Restorative Workshop for Professionals
    • Create Congruence & Balance in Your Daily Work & Personal Life
  • Stress Management for Whole Person - Whole Community
  • Create an Intentional Life for Your School/Congregation/Center
  • Walk & Talk Sessions - Contemplative Walking Sessions
  • Sitting in Silence and Step off the Tight Rope Restorative Workshops for Professionals
    • Meditation, yoga, movement (with certified Yoga Teacher Sydney Solis)

Administrators, Directors, Team Leaders

  • Balance and Harmony for Your School - A Systems Approach
  • Nurture Your School/Center Soul
  • Change the Face of Anger - A Holistic Approach
  • Create Harmony in Your Staff Relationships
  • How to Better Connection with Each Other - Four Personalities
  • Vision Process
  • My Role in Guiding Others
  • Step off the Tight Rope - A Restorative Coaching Series
  • Hands Holding a Dove: A comprehensive Peace Program for your School
    • coaching and consultation process
    • in classroom observation
    • student skill development
    • teacher training & resource development
    • leadership development
  • Individual Coaching and Leadership Development
  • Help your Staff Step off the Tight Rope - A Restorative Workshop
  • Stress Management for Whole Person - Whole Community
  • Walk & Talk Consultation Sessions
  • Facilitation for Retreats or Shared Vision Sessions

Parenting & Family Programs

  • See Parent and Family Education Page for extensive program listings
  • Families Support Literacy Through Storytelling Within the Home
  • see Spiritual Parenting Page for program options
  • Peace Day Picnic - All school event of activities, stories, and cooperative games
  • Peace in the Family: Stories and Skills to Build Peaceful Families
    • program is adaptable to your community setting
    • introduction session or Series of 4 - 6 sessions
    • with Opalanga