Upcoming Events


Thank you for your interest in my upcoming work.  I hope you can join me in these learning communities!  here are the 6 events for this fall, 2015!


  • Nature, Spirit & Self - A Walking Group
  • Divine Sparks - Communication as a Spiritual Practice, Part I
  • Compassionately Embracing - Communication as a Spiritual Practice, Part III
  • The Council on Fear - living through expected and unexpected challenges
  • Walking with Loss:  Finding Light Amongst the Shattered Pieces - A Courage & Renewal® & Nonviolent Communication® retreat
  • Restorative Justice Circles - seeking Community Volunteers

Nature, Spirit & Self - A Walking Group

With Susan Kaplan, M.S.W., R.Y.T.

Is your
soul stirred when you are out in nature? As mystics from many spiritual
traditions have known, walking in the wilderness invites you into a practice of
sacred, attentive listening, Sh’ma, to the seen and unseen. Wander with
like-minded souls for a weekly walk along the Highland Canal. You’ll observe
with fresh eyes to more fully understand your life, elements of spiritual
practice, and layers of interconnectedness. Each session you will set an
intention, walk for 45 minutes and debrief your stroll with words, writing
and/or drawings. Using silence, meditation and engaged guided conversation,
you’ll experience “the wilderness” within yourself. Be inspired by seasonal
beauty, feel the wind on your face and “pray with your moving body”. Please
wear comfortable walking shoes, bring appropriate clothing and get an ok from
your doctor to walk with us.

Free Preview Thursday, Oct 8th

Four Thursdays - beginning October 22nd

3:30 - 4:45 pm

Location:  Kabbalah Experience, 2305 South Syracuse
Way #10, Denver 80231 (new address – near Quebec and

Day & time:  Thursday, Free
Preview Oct 8th, Class runs for four weeks beginning                    Oct 22nd, 3:30 – 4:45 pm

Information & Registration:                                                                          


Divine Sparks - Communication as a Spiritual Practice, Part 1

Susan Kaplan, M.S.W., R.Y.T.

How many
times have you been frustrated when you were not heard or seen in the way you
wanted to be? Bringing awareness and wonder to how you communicate, you’ll
experience more choice, a sense of more fullness, and sacredness. This quality
of soul connection in both your inner and outer life is based on living compassion.
Our study integrates basics teachings of Kabbalah and Compassionate
Communication (Marshall Rosenberg’s work), such as: identifying your precious
longings and what really matters to you, becoming less distracted by judgment
and blame, leaning inward with self- compassion, Tzimtzum - a
paradoxical practice of contracting in order to create and co- create,
wrestling with a concept that our needs are never in conflict - our strategies
are, uncovering concealed Divine Sparks of Light as energetic expressions
within our communication, and deepening our Kavvanah, intentionality,
for daily lovingkindness.     (new address – near
Quebec and Iliff)

Location:  Kabbalah Experience, 2305 South Syracuse
Way #10, Denver   80231

Begins:  Thursday, Free
Preview Oct 8th, Class begins Oct 22nd,  5:15 - 6:45 pm

Phone:  720.280.2170

Information and Registration:  kaplan@earthlink.net

Direction:  http://www.mapquest.com/#b8de8ee685ba3a8a413000cf



Compssionately Embracing -  Communication as a Spritual Practice, Part III

Are you
longing to embody a spiritual practice of compassion - an inner spaciousness
and fullness of living in the “River of Life”? Transform patterns (i.e.
fear and delusions of separateness) into a daily spiritual practice of
compassion and lovingkindness ~ Chesed. You live in relationship ~ to
self, others, the world, and Divine presence. This often unseen dynamic flow of
life, the Divine, continually presents you opportunities to experience a depth
of empathetic presence and connection - no matter what life appears to be
bringing you in the moment. We’ll build upon teachings from Kabbalah and
Compassionate Communication (Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales & Miki
Kashtan) for a engaged practice of:

  • accessing your essence
  • expanding your authentic voice
  • connecting our longings as energetic
    expressions of this dynamic flow of life
  • transforming unmet needs into beauty of
    the need
  •  “making space for you in me”
  • preparing for Authentic Dialogue
  • support for a spiritual practice of
    compassionate communication.

have taken prior classes in Compassionate Communication but no prior knowledge
of kabbalah is necessary or have instructor’s approval.

Location:  Kabbalah Experience, 2305 South Syracuse
Way #10, Denver   80231                   (new
address – near Quebec and Iliff)

Day & Time:  Tuesday, Free
Preview Oct 6th,   Class begins Oct 13th and runs for 10 weeks,                       6:15 – 7:45 pm

Information and Registration:  720.280.2170 or  kaplan@earthlink.net

Directions:  main floor of complex, located under the
Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver   

The Council on Fear

Presentation by Susan Kaplan

The Council on Fear

Living through
change - expected or unexpected - can be challenging.  Our "tragic
gap of fear" is when we believe we have to choose between protecting
ourselves or being vulnerable enough to find sparks of awe and
love.  The complexities of our life reveal that we actually can move
between these points of tension in life-giving ways.  We’ll explore how we
cycle between narrow mind & spacious mind and the vital importance of
community.  Develop a new cadence of walking with fear.

When Susan lost her
husband unexpectedly, she formed a "Council on Fear” and a Council of friends
who helped her during this time of mourning, uncertainty and change.   This Council enabled her to hold both
darkness and light at the same time.

Come learn how to
develop your own council to face the difficult times of transition, change and

Location:  HighPointe Assisted Living & Memory
Care,  6383 East Girard Place, Denver,

Wednesday, October 28th 12:00 –
1:30 pm

More Information and Registration:  RSVP
to Jamie Sarché, 720.404.6772 or Jamie@feldmanmortuary.com
by October 2nd

Direction: http://www.mapquest.com/#ef10b5a0b867bb5041bb349e




Courage & Renewal® & Nonviolent Communication® Retreat

Walking with Loss:                                        Finding
Light Amongst the Shattered Pieces

A Fall Retreat in the Mountains

Leadership:  Susan Kaplan and Paul Michalec

  • As trees let go of their leaves, so are seeds being
    scattered. What seeds are you scattering for your evolving self?
  • How is our brokenness part of our wholeness?

  • In what ways can we hold the tensions of loss in
    life-giving ways?

To live and love is to also to experience loss and a
shattering of dreams. Loss of personal identity. Loss of meaningful work. Loss
of financial security. Loss due to physical conditions. Loss of a loved one.
Parker Palmer writes that our hearts are broken by the world in two different
ways: shattered and scattered or broken open to wonder and a new capacity to
live fully while mourning loss.

During this retreat we will invite participants to
consider both the pain and gifts of loss in our personal and professional life.
Through poetry, quiet time, journaling, art, small group sharing, clearness
committees, and optional gentle & restorative yoga we will delve into the
experience of loss, the process of making meaning from loss, and setting out
cairns along the trail to healing as we walk arm and arm with loss. In times of
change - expected or unexpected, gradual or sudden - we can become lost between
our “old” self and “evolving” self.

This retreat is open to anyone who has experienced
directly or indirectly loss in their life and seeks new ways of living more
fully into their grief while seeking the gifts of grief as well. Our time together
will be less about therapy and more about discovering the therapeutic nature of
being community. Come join us for a contemplative & interactive experience.

Using Courage & Renewal Principles and
Practices® (based on Parker Palmer’s work), you will experience a safe and
disciplined space in which we will “hear each other into speech” and be a
“solitude within community”. This reflective listening process recognizes the
tensions that naturally arise in our lives in a more life-giving manner and how
to hold important questions without having to find “the answer”. In addition to
Courage practices, we’ll bring compassion to our journey with Compassionate
Communication, helping us maneuver our “tragic gap”.

You will be invited to reconnect to the power of
your inner life to create authentic capacity in your personal and professional

This retreat includes:  clearness committees, time for solitude and
rest, and optional restorative yoga and yoga nidra.

Discover your Hidden Wholeness.

Person:  Susan Kaplan ,
M.S.W., R.Y.T.

Location:  Cathedral Ridge, 1364 County Road 75,
Woodland Park, CO  80863                                       

Begins:  Friday, November
13th afternoon to Sunday, Nov 15th at 4:00 pm

Phone:  720.280.2170

Information and Registration:  kaplan@earthlink.net

Direction:  http://cathedralridge.org/


Restorative Justice Circles – Community Members Needed

A restorative justice process invites parents,
youth, and community members to help rebuild trust and opportunity for youth
who are at risk of being suspended from school. 
Truancy and Marijuana Circles are being held.  Community Members support both the parents
and the youth as they develop agreements on how to repair the harm.  Nonviolent Communication is being
incorporated into this circle process, helping them to identify needs and new

Person:  Susan Kaplan ,
M.S.W., R.Y.T. , connected with Tamara Sherwood of Olive Branch Resolution

Littleton Public Schools – different school settings for each circle

Begins:  Fall, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from September to December

Phone:  720.280.2170

Information and Registration:  kaplan@earthlink.net


Approved Continuing Education Provider - please inguiry about your specific needs.

  • National Association of Social Workers, Colorado Branch                                              
  • Recognized by Qualistar for Early Childhood Professionals                                             
  • Continuing and Professional Education, School of Education & Human Development, UCD, Denver.  Courses meet Colorado Licensure Requirements (when requested)