Staff & Professional Development

Listening & Leading From Wtihin® 

In support of your work in serving others, I offer a variety of programs, retreats, training and individual & leadership coaching options for those in the Helping Professions.

Please visit the Courage & Renewal & Compassionate Communication upcoming event pages for details of upcoming Retreats and Series.

In addition, I do provide individual coaching sessions and professional & leadership development workshops and retreats. 

Examples of my offerings:

  • Sustaining a Life of Service - Courage & Renewal
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Shifting to a new paradigm of Power With verses Power Over
  • Introvert & Extrovert  - finding our strengtyhs and changing how we use labels to divide us
  • Empowerment instead of submission or rebellion (assertiveness is having a voice)
  • Compassionate Communication - Tools for Effective Communicaiton
  • Living Compassionately - adding connection as an vital aspect of our work lives of doing and thinking
  • Mindful Listening & Mindful Talking
  • Stress Management:  Whole Person & Whole Community
  • Reducing Stress - Compassionate Communication, Current Brain Research and Mind-Body techniques to create a more calm daily life
  • Change the Face of Anger:  A Holistic Approach
  • Healing Generational Pain - holding my own needs and the needs of my tribe at the same time
  • Restorative Yoga for Sustaining Your Spirit
  • Healing the Heart of Democracy - 5 habits of the heart

I also provide Continuing Education Credits for my programs.