Workplace & Organizations

In living an engaged personal and professional life, we all encounter stress, tensions, and dilemmas.  Creating and sustaining a meaningful connection in your work, balancing personal & professional life, and expanding your capacity and tools to be effective are important factors to support your work of providing service to others.

I offer a variety of programs, Staff and Professional Development, and coaching options to enhance your enhance daily work or organizational life with tools to:

  • create greater balance on the job and between personal & professional life
  • repairing and strengthening relationships
  • reduce drama and other destructive patterns
  • deal with difficult people and conflicts
  • reduce a sense of dividedness and fragmentation
  • infuse more meaning into daily rhythms
  • practice effective and compassionate communication
  • integrate a holistic model, (the levels of body, mind, heart, and spirit)
  • shift how you experience challenging patterns & behaviors i.e. anger or stress
  • create a deeper sense of connectedness with your self, those you work with and those you serve


Consider the following services as support for professional or organizational setting:

  • Workplace Settings - Staff & Professional Development
  • Staff support - Specific initiatives
  • Management Teams & Leadership Development
  • Group & Community Settings
  • Family Involvement

Continuing Education Credits can be given to Social Workers and Teachers.  Programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of your setting.


Workplace Settings - Staff & Professional Development

  • Compassionate Communication - Effective practices & principles to reduce conflict and increase capacity to listen across differences, and express in a way that builds relationships (based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg Nonviolent Communication)
  • Compassionate Communication Practice Groups
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Mindful Listening & Mindful Talking - Create positive & effective communication patterns
  • Forgiveness: Narrow Mind or Spacious Mind - Moving past difficult situations
  • Finding Yourself Again - A Restorative Retreat to create a sense of balance and congruence (using a variety of mindfulness practices, reflection and silence)
  • Step off the Tight Rope:  Stress Management for Whole Person - Whole Community
  • Change the Face of Anger - A Holistic Approach
  • Living Between Two Worlds - Build Bridges in Your Life and Between People
    • Worlds can be cultural, racial, interfaith, intergenerational, etc.
  • Peace Wrestling - Stories and Skills for working through conflict
  • Nurture Your Workplace Soul- A holistic model
  • Four Personalities - Playful session to understand, strategize and appreciate each other
  • Using Storytelling & Story Listening to Enrich your Professional Work - Pulling on the Threads of Story
  • Shifting Enemy Images
  • Hands Across the Table - Holding the tensions of differences
  • Sitting with Story:  Story circles to foster listening and creating a communal story
  • Sustaining a Life of Service - Courage & Renewal® retreat, using the principles and practices of Circles of Trust® to support reflection and discernment process


Staff Support - Specific Initatives

Consider forming practice groups for specific teams or people who would benefit from more intensive training and practice of skills.  These groups would meet for a designated time, providing time for skill refinement and support in applying skills in their daily work.


Management Teams & Leadership Development
  • Any of the above mentioned sessions
  • Walk & Talk Coaching Sessions® Walk & Talk
  • Change the Face of Anger - Coaching or Systems Consultation
  • The Lady & The Lion: Leadership Empowerment Workshop for Women, w Sydney Solis
  • Listening From Within - Coaching on topics that matter to you, such as: compassionate communication, moving through conflict, Courage & Renewal principles and practices


Group & Community Settings

  • Nurture your Communal Soul
  • Change the Face of Anger - a Holistic Approach
  • Peace Day - playful day of activities, stories, and other events to learn & celebrate
  • Living Between Two Worlds - Building Bridges
  • Compassionate Communication Practice groups
  • Conversationl Practice Circles
  • Sitting in Stillness  - Restorative Retreat
  • Step off the Tight RopeStress Management for Whole Person - Whole Community
  • Circle Work - Inviting others into community, Council, etc.
  • Use Storytelling & Story Listening to Enrich your Community
  • Peace in Our Community - Stories & Skills to Inspire A More Peaceful Community
  • Walk & Talk Sessions  - see Walk & Talk Page for details


Parent and Family Involvement

Please visit the Parent and Family Education Page for extensive program options.


  • Brown Bag Lunch Series
  • Evening Programs
  • Peace Day
  • Storytelling& Story Listening Circles
  • Community Building Events