Comments & Recommendations

Please read the words listed below, from those who are famililar with my work.

I hope that their words will help give you a feel for the type of work I do.

My resume and references are available upon request.

Listening & Leading From Within®  includes the following areas of programs and retreats:

Courage & Renewal - retreats (Circles of Trust®) and Five Habits of the Heart

Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication) for individuals, families, restorative justice circles, school communities, and staff & professional development

Walk & Talk Sessions®

Peace Building Work



Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication)

"Susan, I totally wanted to tell you that on Wednesday I was having bad jackal feelings towards myself and a coworker and it hurt and was scary and then I remembered what you taught us and I sat down and jotted down a self-analysis of my needs and I felt soooo much better.  I haven’t had the conversation with the coworker yet, but I no longer have any jackals nipping at my heels and I know I will know what I want to express, without anger or defensiveness, when the conversation does happen!!!!!"   Staff member with a nonprofit agency, who had just finsihed a staff professional development training series


General comments
“Thank you for re-energizing me - I needed more balance in my life!” Paula, teacher

“I was at the end of my rope until I came to this workshop. Your calm and open-ended questions were helpful. I liked that we had a discussion of real family life. I left with new ideas and fresh energy to parent”. Alicia, parent of three children

“I liked this workshop just for teachers and I learned how to better balance my work day and see how to better relate to different kinds of kids”. ~ Joan, Child Care Provider

“I’ve been angry for so long. Susan’s workshop on anger helped me realize how much I had changed. I have a new perspective about my anger and that of my extended family. Image that I found some strengths!"  ~ Parent, Waldorf Conference Participant in Change the Face of Anger

“Thank you for this ‘Create an Intentional Life’ series. The most important thing I learned was that I can build bridges between the worlds I live in. Very uplifting and gave me new ideas." Jack, Denver Center for Spiritual Renewal

“This Restorative Workshop for Professionals was just what I needed! It empowered and helped me ton refocus on the connectedness of my Hospice Work. The most important idea I learned was the spiritual, emotional and mental self care.” ~ Nurse, Hospice of St. John

“The levels of body, mind, heart, and soul gave me a new framework to work with. How surprising to realize how much I am already doing!” Donna, Single Mother

“Her Spiritual Parenting was a different approach to parenting and I like this mindful aspect. Great class!” Doug, parent

“The most important idea I learned was to appreciate my strengths and of my partner’s and to take things at one step at a time. Susan is engaging and open. She is very positive, uplifting and inspiring!” Jan, parent

“We failed therapy because we did not know how to follow through. What we really needed was someone to teach us how to talk to each other. Thanks for helping us learn how to talk and listen with mindfulness.” Jana and Bill


Walk & Talk Sessions®

“I absolutely love walking and talking! Exercise is so important to me and it really helped me to be outside while talking about challenging issues in my life. I love that I can bring my daughter in the stroller too!” Nancy

"I love the Walk and Talk idea!  Meeting at the playground with my 3 year old and my 18 month old was a life saver for me.  I found out how to be a more confident parent and to avoid fights with my mother-in-law, who doesn't understand how I want raise my children.  Thanks!"   Maggie, mother of  two.

"I can't believe how much my 13 year old daughter and I enjoyed these walks! I got outside and loved it. Most important, we are finally talking about what matters to us. We were ready to stop yelling at each other." Faith

Peace Building Work

"I enjoyed the learning and the calming/supportive atmosphere of the Peacemaker Practice Circle.  I always felt more centered when I left than when I arrived."  Vicki

"I really liked the stories.  They got me thinking." 
Jose, 7th grader, Alternative to Suspension Class

"For over five years Susan was a workshop presenter or keynote speaker at the School of Mediation Center’s Annual Conference. Her sessions are interesting and popular and received consistent positive feedback. She can speak to any age group, from elementary, middle and high school and adults. Susan is engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about her work and the concept of using stories to prevent violence. Her commitment to the field of conflict resolution education is unsurpassed”~ Brooke Munsinger, School Mediation Center

“I would highly recommend Susan Kaplan as an insightful artist and delightful Storyteller. During her week long Artist-in-Residence program of ‘Stories of Peace’, I was constantly amazed at her energy and dedication to the kids...she has a compassionate, joyful spirit about her.  Students talked about her stories and we sang her songs in the weeks that followed.”
~ Amanda Ogle, Bergen Valley Elementary School, Evergreen

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Susan Kaplan, who was the organizer and presenter of ‘Peace Day’ for our middle school students. We discussed our needs in dealing with issues of empathy, kindness, compassion and self-awareness for our students. Evaluations by students and faculty showed that all participants feel that our Peace day was useful, effective and enjoyable.” ~ Earlene Carter, Assistant Principal, Centennial K-8, Denver Public Schools

"I had never heard of this phrase before, the 'The Third Side of Peace', but I certainly understand how we get stuck in our own perspectives and opinions.  Unless we can step away from our own side, then we will never understand each other and get along.  My son is a logger and that story about the loggers and tree huggers is an amazingly true story!" 
~ Stan, Senior Group, Calavary Baptist Church


“Thanks for taking me to my special story place. I see pictures in my head and heart.”
Tania, 3rd grader

“In didn’t realize that the stories were about real people from history (Orphan Train Rider Program). How cool to hear about kids my age!” Juan, 5th grader

"The most important thing I learned in Susan's eigth week class at Swallow Hill is to ignore the inner critic and have fun with the storytelling."  Karen

"As a Social Worker I was so pleased with learning how to use story in my work.  I wanted a longer session."  Brian

"Susan brings a refreshing buoyant and creative atmosphere with her into every classroom.
Her stories excite and inspire my students.  This helps inform their reading and stimulate their writing".  Scott Galabota, Teacher

“Susan Kaplan’s Orphan Train Program is interesting, informative, lively and touching for audiences. She is ‘quick on her feet’ and I enjoy her wit. Her presentations are always followed by many questions from the audience, a great indicator of how many curiosities she has piqued! The Orphan Train Program is a wonderful intergenerational program.”
Carol Heepke, Special Project Coordinator, Boulder Public Library

"This was such a fun class!  I learned so much.  Now I'm more confident when I tell stories to my family." Jeff