Applied Storytelling Programs

Pulling on the Threads of Story®
There is great wisdom, inspiration and connection within stories.

Pulling on the Threads means finding inside a story - meaningful connections, universal themes, and opportunities to inspire, heal, vision, and re-envision.

Intentional storytelling is used by many people, such as parents, friends, elders, spiritual leaders, and helping professionals. These stories can be from any genre of tales, inicluding: folktales, legends, myths, biographical, personal, fables, or religious or spiritual stories.

My services are listed below in the following areas:

  • Generral Programs 
  • Peace Education Programs 
  • Training in Applied Storyteling

Please note that I provide Continuing Education Credits for Social Workers, Child Care Providers, and Teachers interested in Applied Storytelling.

General Programs

Transform Your Life Through the Power of Story                  
Gain a new perspective on a specific life event, learn how to re-story your life, and get unstuck and move forward.  In using story cards, you develop your new story.                                                
Create Harmony in Your Relationship
Find yourself in these playful to serious stories, discover ideas to enrich and add depth into your daily life, and add zest to your relationship.  This program is either a single performance or a performance with an interactive workshop.

Memory Storytelling - Collecting Stories From You Life 
For adults and seniors:  Bring memories alive through story prompts; record the major stories of your own life; learn more about each other and build your community through story sharing (especially helpful for residental settings for residents and staff to learn about each other).

Living Between Two Worlds: Building Bridges in Your Life
Many of us stand between worlds, such as interfaith, popular culture, spiritual traditions, generational, intra- and inter-cultural, & others.  Inspirational Biographical, Personal and Traditional Stories.  Building bridges program for individuals, families, and groups.

Story talking and Story Listening - Communication Skills
How we listen and talk can contribute to meaningful conversations and genuine connections with others.  Performance or performance with interactive workshop options.

Lady and the Lion: Women's Leadership and Empowerment Program with Sydney Solis
Story is used to inspire and help you identify your own gifts and leadership strengths.

Peace Education Programs

Use the Power of Story To Teach Peacemaking& Nonviolence
Through story and activities, you can teach the values and skills of peacemaking and nonviolence to your family, students, or in your school setting. Engaging hands-on activities allow you to invite others into learning and practicing these skills.

Weaving a Rug of Peace: Six Week Literacy Based Storytelling & Skill Building
In this in-classroom room program, students will share stories in a story circle, practice skills, and use reading and writing skills.  Specific skills are customized for your particular classroom, which might include cooperation, anger management, conflict, peace for self, and forgiveness.  This can be a collaborative program with school librarian. Adaptable for homeschool network.

Peace in the Family: Stories & Skills to Build More Peaceful Families
In this engaging and highly interactive program, families learn skills together in playful exercises and stories. Introductory  Session or series is available.  Building Blocks for a Healthy Family include:

rituals & traditions
playing together
restoring balance

Collaborative program with Opalanga, Storytellers & The Conflict Center.  Please see the web page on this highly successful family training and community building model.

Peace Day - Stories, Skills, and Activities to Build your Community!
This day is full of interactive activities for your family, school or workplace event.  Various
artists provide  stories, movement, orgami, and hands-on activities to bring peacemaking alive.
This event is customized to meet your specific needs and to build upon other programs you may be utilitizing.

In Harmony - Stories & Songs of Peace
in collaboration with Carla Sciaky or Julie Davis
Stories and Songs are woven together for an engaging and delightful program

Peace Wrestling - Wisdom Stories and Activities of Peace
We all wrestle with what is the right thing to do to bring about greater cooperation, friendship, resolve problems and to create greater peace.  Through engaging stories, peacemaking and nonviolence skills come alive for your family or classroom. (Also available as an interactive workshop)

Peace Residency - Weaving Stories and Activities to Inspire Your Students!
Create a residency program which fits into your homeschool or school setting  This can be a comprehensive school residency, serving all grades or be specific to a grade level.  Students will hear stories and receive activities to bring specific peacemaking and nonviolent skills alive.  Can be organized in collaboration with music or art teachers, social workers, or teachers.
Consider a week, monthly, or year long program.

The Third Side of Peace - True Stories of Transformation and Change
Be inspired by these true stories of people who overcame difficult challenges and differences to find a common place to meet.  These stories include biographical, historical, and personal tales.
Interactive workshop also available.

Training in Applied Storytelling
I provide training and coaching for learning techniques, responsibilities, and ethics of applied storytelling. Enrich your relationship with the people you live with or work through the power and joy of story! Consider a parent education session or staff development training.
  • Use Storytelling to Heal, Calm and Overcome Everyday Obstacles -
           for famiies & teachers
  • Pulling on the Threads of Story: Intentional Use of Story for Helping Professionals
    Social Workers, Counselors, Youth at Risk Staff, Psychologists, Grief Staff,
    Nurses, Parent Educators, Teachers, Family Counselors, Program Directors, etc.

  • Pulling on the Threads of Story: Applied Storytelling for Storytellers

  • Applied Storytelling for Peacemakers - The Intentional Use of Story for Peacemaking
    For those who teach or work with peace & nonviolence; community organizers;
    work for social justice or environmental issues; those working to build interfaith
    or cross-cultural & racial relationships; meditators, or other bridge building work   

Please visit the Storytelling Training & Coaching Page for more offerings

Organizational Resources
The National Storytelling Network
has regional contacts and Special Interest Groups, providing resources, listserv, Online forums, and connections with others who use story.

Consider the Healing Alliance and the Interfaith Special Interest Group. There are both Professional & Non-professional storytellers who are involved in these groups.

International Storytelling Center:
1-800-952-8392 or 423-753-2171

Local Storytelling Guilds
Many communities have groups which sponsor storytelling circles, special events & conferences.
Please contact me and I'll help you connect with the closest group.