Educational Storytelling

"Long Ago, but not so far away......"

Awaken Your Imagination.

Stories tickle our funny bone, inspire, teach and touch our heart & soul!


I invite listeners into stories with interactive performance.

Storytelling is for everyone - children, youth, families, schools, groups, adults, and seniors!

Please view my storytelling work below:

  • Performances for all ages
  • Collaborative work
  • Artist in Residence
  • Workshops

Please also visit the other storytelling pages for more program offerings.

Performances for All Ages

A Child With Many Names: Orphan Train Riders
(Living American & Colorado History, 1850 - 1929, told in first person)

Crossing the Desert Together - Jewish, Arab & Muslim Stories (Live music option)

The World Around Us - Naturalist stories of Urban Nature woven with Traditional Folktales

Learning About Each Other - Multicultural Stories from the World and here at home

"Ah Ha!" Multicultural Stories of Wisdom

Who Has the Most Seykhl? Jewish Stories

Celebrate Trees! (And those who help them grow)

Lilith, La Lloroña and Other Women of the Night: A Similar Story Across Cultures

Living Between Two Worlds: How People Built Bridges In their Lives

Who Saves Who? Tales That Turn and Twist!

Peace Wrestling - Wisdom Stories of Peace and Non Violence

The Third Side of Peace - True Stories of Transformation and Change

Circles of Peace - Within Ourself and with Others

Building Harmony in Our Relationships (nice Valetines program)

The Kindness of Strangers (nice Thanksgiving or Holiday program)

**See Peace, Nonviolence, & Building Bridges Page for more options.

(Many of these programs meet Curriculum Standards)


Collaborative Programs

  • Cycles: Stories and Secrets for Women and the Men Who Love Them
    Discover the Maiden, Mother, Crone
    with Kate Lutz and Sydney Solis

  • In Harmony: Stories and Songs of Peace, with Carla Sciaky or Julie Davis
  • Colorado History: Biographical and Personal Stories, with Julie Davis

Artist In Residence Programs

Peace Wrestling - Stories and Songs of Peace& Nonviolence

Discover the Storyteller Inside You!

The Third Side of Peace Storytelling Workshop with Teens


Peace Day School EventPeace Day School Event















Please view Storytelling Training and Coaching for extensive listing of interactive workshops!


Organizational Resources

The National Storytelling Network
has a magazine, regional event listings and links to local groups and contacts. In addition there are many Special Interest Groups to join, which provide resources, a listserv, Online forums, and connections with others who use story in specific
areas (Youth Storytellers, Storytelling in Organizations, Healing Alliance, Interfaith special Interest Group, etc.


International Storytelling Center:
1-800-952-8392 or 423-753-2171

Local Storytelling Guilds
Many communities have groups which sponsor storytelling circles, special events & conferences.
Please contact me and I'll help you connect with the closest group.


Rocky Mountain Storytelling Guild holds two Story Circles a month - one in Denver at Swallow Hill Folk Center and the other at the main Boulder Public Library.

The Northern Colorado Storytelling Guild, combining with Ft. Collins and Longmont areas,
holds story circles and meets regularly.

Spellbinders, a volunteer storytelling organization, has many chapters within Colorado and
states.  Providing training and support, many volunteers work in school, library or community settings.