Storytelling Training & Coaching

Discover the storyteller inside you!

Learn techniques of storytelling, how to connect to your audience, research, using props, different genres of story, interactive storytelling exercises, the strengths of your storytelling style, and a holistic model for stoytelling.

Enjoy the richness of stories and expand your skills with these interactive,
informative and playful workshops, training and coaching!

These workshops are for children, youth, and adults!

Storytelling Skills & Development

  • Discover the Storyteller Inside You! (Introductory or 6-8 week series)
  • Care of Story, Audience, and Yourself - Storytelling Techniques & Story Culture
  • Pull on the Threads of Story: Applied Storytelling
  • Collect Personal or Biographical Stories through Oral Interviews
    Techniques, Planning & Ethics

  • The Power of Personal Storytelling - Finding Your Voice

  • Enirch Family Life with Storytelling
  • Support Literacy & School Success
  • Telling Your Story Through Story Boxes (teens and adults)

Transformation and the Power of Story

  • Transform Your Life & Work Through the Power of Story
  • Use the Power of Story for Peace & Nonviolence
  • Living Between Two Worlds: Building Bridges in Your Life
    Inspirational Biographical, Personal and Traditional Stories
  • Create Harmony in Your Relationship
  • Story talking and Story Listening - Communication Skills
  • The Third Side of Peace - True Stories of Transformation and Change
  • Telling Personal Stories for Peace: Discover the Power of Your Own Stories

Applied Storytelling

  • Use Storytelling to Heal, Calm Fears and Overcome Everyday Obstacles
           (for parents and teachers)
  • Pulling on the Threads of Story - Intentional Use of Story for Professionals
  • Pulling on the Threads of Story - Applied Storytelling for Storytellers
  • Pulling on the Threads of Peace - Applied Storytellig for Peacemakers
  • The Lady and The Lion - A Journey into the Power of Women
                 with Sydney Solis, Mythic Yoga

Residency Programs

Consider a more in-depth involvement with the power and playful art of storytelling with these Artist in Residence Programs:

  • Weaving a rug of Peace - literacy based program of stories, skills & activities
    • in classroom program
    • can add collaboration with school librarian
    • adaptable for home school network
  • Discover the Storyteller Inside you!
    • can add collaboration with school librarian
    • staff training and development
    • adaptable for home school network
  • Peace Wrestling - Stories and Skills for Peacemaking & Building Bridges
    • engaging stories teach ideas & skills
    • interactive activities help to practice skills
    • students or adult program
  • Art Coming Alive - Stories of Artists and Their Art


Nurture and deepen your storytelling & story listening with individual sessions to:

Identify your strengths & challenges
Develop storytelling skills & gifts
Support and cultivate your unique storytelling style
Learn to use storytelling in your family or professional work
Discover a Holistic Model to strengthen your storytelling
Find your own voice
Training in how to research stories
Practice storytelling
Learn how to work up a story
Receive observation and feedback
Gain audience participation techniques

Expand your creativity and confidence.