Colorado Courage - A regional Courage & Renewal® Coilaborative - contact 

Susan at


Rocky Mountain Center for Compassionate Communicaiton

A network of Facilitators and Trainers, offering introductory, series and private sessions, inspired by the work of Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and an International network of Trainers.


Peacemaker Institute
(303) 544-5923


National Coalition Building Institute
(202) 785-9400


The Center for NonViolent Communication
(505) 244-4041


The Conflict Center
(303) 433-4983


National Storytelling Network

- volunteer organization for intergenerational storytelling


International Storytelling Center - Storytellers and Story Educators for Peace

Educators for Social Responsibility


The Compassionate Listening Project


Parenting for Justice and Peace Network - Institute for Peace and Justice


New American Dream 
Helping America consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance
quality of life, and promote social justice.
301.891.3683 or 1.877.68.DREAM


Center for Screen-Time Awareness

Provides informaton so people can live healthier lives in functional families
in vibrant communities by taking control of electronic media in their lives,
not allowing it to control them.

Upcoming Turn Off TV week:  April, 2008!