Peace, Nonviolence and Building Bridges

My vision is to help repair our world and build a more balanced & peaceful life for all.

Peace Wrestling is a term I created to describe how we wrestle with how to create peace inside and with others, not always sure what a right behavior might be, and how to bring our visions of peace into the world.  Peace Wrestling is the movement towards inner and outer peace and a holding of a goal and vision of peace. 

Peace cranes from Peace in the Family ProgramPeace cranes from Peace in the Family Program My Services include:

Workshops & Training Series

Pathways through Conflict

Change the Face of Anger

Forgiveness - Narrow or Spacious Mind

Peacemaker Practice Circles*

Circle Work


Building Bridges Work

Peace in the Family Program

Peaceful Parenting & Postive Discipline

Peace Wrestling Programs for Students

Staff Development

Applied Storytelling Programs

Educational Storytelling Performances

Private Sessions, Coaching, Consultation




*New *  Peacemaker Practice Circles
Learn and practice specific peacemaking skills, inspire each other, create genuine conversation, experience a shared leadership approach, practice contemplative techniques, explore new models for group dialogue and be in community with others for meaningful conversation.

Peace wrestling is a process of refining our skills, creating a vision, wrestling with what to do, and maintaing a daily peace practice. Peace Wrestling involves:

  • identifying your strengths & gifts
  • expanding with new skills & ideas
  • a daily peace practice
  • practicing skills, mindfulness, and presence
  • courage to build bridges and overcome blocks
  • forgiveness
  • creation of rituals for peace
  • willingness to let go of anger
  • stepping away from destructive patterns
  • listening to each other’s stories with respect & compassion
  • taking time to find common ground
  • celebrating all steps towards greater peace and harmony
  • giving voice to a vision of peace for self & world
  • repair of relationships and the world
  • struggling with what is easy verses what creates peace
  • understanding and deepening our sense of connectedness


Come deepen and gather your vision & skills to create a more peaceful life for yourself, others and the world. Drawing upon a wide variety of skills, models, and world wisdom, I am passionate about peacemaking in our world. I invite you into the peacemaker circle, as there are many, many, many people who share a vision of a more peaceful world.

In addition, I am also iearning with and in training with the following organizations:

Colorado Courage and Renewal
in association with The Center for Courage and Renewal
(Parker Palmer's work)


Peacemaker Institute
telephone: (303) 544-5923

National Coalition Building Institute
telephone: (202) 785-9400

Nonviolent Communication Network
The Center for NonViolent Communication
telephone: (505) 244-4041

Contract Associate Trainer for The Conflict Center,

telephone: (303) 433-4983