Private Sessions & Coaching

Listening From Within - When we slow down and understand our own needs - we can create a pathway for movement towards the personal and professional life we hope for. 

Drawing upon Principles & Practices of Compassioante Communication, Courage & Renewal®, a Holistic, systems model, skill development, and mindfulness practices, I support you in your personal and/or professional growth.  

I now offer individualized or custom designed family or team yoga sessions!

Drawing upon your strengths and assets, I help you to:

  • identify, strenghen and refine your personal skills and tools
  • learn new skills, concepts, strategies, and techniques
  • create a more balanced and holistic approach to your life
  • nurture a sense of congruence in your inner life and with others
  • create greater internal and external sense of peace
  • build and repair bridges which have been broken
  • Identify your practice wisdom & connect to your knowledge
  • deepen a sense of connectedness to self and others by addressing burn out & stress
  • foster a more mindful presence and intentional life 
  • support your leadership 
  • expand your capacity to train others - Train the trainer

**Please note - I do not provide Therapeutic Treatment, Crisis, or Assessments Services**

Private Sessions & Coaching - Build Your Life Skills & Expand Your Possibilities:

  • Mindful Listening and Mindful Talking - Communication Skills
  • Conflict and Anger management skills
  • Tools to support specific parenting stages and issues
  • Spiritual Parenting - Bring values alive and live the family life you want
  • Leading from the Heart and Spirit - Transformative Leadership
  • Peace Wrestling -Peacemaking Skills for Private & Public Life
  • Create an Intentional Life -A Holistic Approach
  • Apply a Holstic model to create greater balance and harmony
  • Restorative - Address the incongruence in your life and re-balance
  • Stress Management for Whole Person
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Courage & Renewal - principles and practices

Private Sessions & Coaching provided for:
  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Leadership development
  • Support for those in the Helping Professions
  • Adminstrators, Managers,  or Team Leaders
  • Leadership Teams

Private sessions can also be provided through Walk & Talk Sessions.
Please visit Walk & Talk Page to learn more about this option.

Coaching for Teams
Utilizing a team approach, we work together to develop and refine your communal skills, relationship strengths, overcome blocks, and idenitify your practice wisdom.   These sessions are customized to meet your specific needs and are offered either on or off site.