School Community Programs

Building Peace Together - Programs for School Communities

My services include a range of programs for public and private school settings,
child care centers, and congregational school settings.

Peace grows one step and a hop at a time...

...walking down the hallway with someone new,

...creating a more compassionate and caring culture,

...teaching students how to solve their own conflicts,

...a safe place to release anger,

...sharing lunch with someone who is different,

...resolving a conflict in the teacher's lounge,

...helping teachers & parents connect and talk respectfully,

...helping parent groups build relationships with each other, and

...making connections with the community neighbors.


Specific workshop programs are listed below, under the areas of:

  • Students
  • Storytelling & Literacy Based Programs
  • Teachers
  • Whole School Programs
  • Parent and Family Programs


My work compliments the following school based programs:

Character Development                     Values Based programs
Second Step; Bully Proof                   Title I Family Programs
Don’t Laugh at Me                             Life Skill Training for Families
Strengthening Families                      Parent Education

Workshop programs:


  • The Third Side of Peace - Finding Common Ground
  • Peace Wrestling - Skills & Activities for Peacemaking
  • "Hey Dude. I can't take it!" Stress Management for Students
  • Moral Wars: Build Bridges When There's a Clash of Values
  • Circle Work - Inviting Others into Community
  • Peacemaker practice circle
  • Change the Face of Anger - Holistic Approach
  • Circle of Listening - integrating the levels of body, mind, heart, and soul
  • Mindful Listening and Mindful Talking - Communication Skills

Storytelling & Literacy Based Programs for Students

  • Weaving a Rug of Peace: Six Week Literacy Based Story & Skill Program (In-class program)
  • Peace Day - Stories and Activities to celebrate your community
  • Peace Residency - Peace Stories to Inspire Your Students
  • Use the Power of Personal Storytelling for Peace - Literacy Based Workshop
  • The Third Side of Peace - True Stories of Transformation and Change - Performance
  • Power of Spoken Word : Stories and Slam Poetry for Peace
  • Crossing the Desert Together - Stories from Jewish, Arab, and Muslim Cultures
  • Circles of Peace - Inspire peace within oneself and in the world -- Performance
  • Families Support Literacy & Peace Through Storytelling With Family & Cultural Stories
  • Peace Wrestling - Multicultural Wisdom Stories of Peace
  • In harmony: Stories and Songs of Peace - with Carla Sciaky or Julie Davis


  • Nurture Your Classroom Soul - Holistic Model
  • Stress Management for Whole Person - Whole Community
  • The Third Side of Peace - Finding Common Ground
  • Peacemaker Practice circle
  • Use Peacemaking Rituals to Enrich Your Classroom Life
  • Create Harmony in Your Relationships
  • Moral Wars - Build Bridges when There’s a Clash of Values
  • Living Between Two Worlds - Building Bridges Between Your Worlds
    • (Worlds can be religious, race, culture, gender, etc.)
  • How to Deal with the Effects of Popular Culture
  • Change the Face of Anger - Holistic Approach
  • Applied Storytelling for Peace - The Intentional Use of Story for Teachers

Training Series
Consider the benefits of more in-depth learning.  With opportunities to practice the skills
and ideas between sessions, participants gain valuable experience through extended learning.

1)  Peace Wrestling - Skills to Move through Conflict and Anger
Pathways through Conflict: Building Bridges when there's a Clash of Values; Change the Face of Anger:  for adults; Change the Face of Anger:  activities and stories for children; The Third Side of Peace – Reworking stories toward peaceful resolution; Mindful Listening and Mindful Talking; Peace Wrestling – Ideas, Stories, and Activities (option for musician); Meaningful Conversations; and, Peacemaker Practice Circles.

2) Change the Face of Anger – In-depth
Identify anger on levels of body, mind, heart, and soul level; getting off the merry go round of anger; internal and external anger; destructive and constructive ways to release; use anger as path towards healing; forgiveness.  Focus on Adult and/or Student Strategies and ideas.

3) Positive Discipline + Connectedness:  Skills to Create Stronger Relationships   
Logical Consequences, Giving Choices, limits, and other in-depth skills.

4) Create a More Balanced Life 
Positive Discipline and Peaceful Parenting/ Teaching; How to Deal with the Effects of Popular Culture; Stress Management:  Whole Person and Whole Family or Escape Holiday Madness – Create more Meaningful Holidays; Nurture your Family/Classroom Soul; Living Between Worlds–Build Bridges between worlds; Create An Intentional Life.

5) Peace in the Family   In conjunction with Opalanga
Create a more peaceful home with Building Blocks of Rituals & Traditions, Playing Together, Communication & Restoring Balance.   Learn stories, activities and ideas.
6)  On Care of Relationships
Nurture your Family/Classroom Soul; Create Harmony in your Relationship; Mindful Listening and Mindful Talking; The Third Side of Peace; Meaningful Conversations, Conversational
Practice Circles.

***Please also visit Teacher and Schools page under Balance & Harmony


Whole School Programs

  • Peace "Artist in Residence" Program
    • week, Month, or Year Long
    • stories and Songs
    • follow-up activities tied to curriculum
    • family involvement
    • special events
  • Peace In Our House - A Holistic program to Create a More Peaceful Community
    • gathering and visioning process
    • building relationships
    • circle work
    • peace rituals
    • daily peace practice
    • integrated across subjects
    • events planned through out the year
    • classroom and school atmosphere
    • special events
  • Peace Day or Week to celebrate peacemaking, building relationships & skills
    • literacy activities - reading & writing
    • storytelling & story listening
    • digital storytelling
    • cooperative games
    • music
    • movement
    • food


Parent and Family Programs

  • Peace In the Family: Stories & Skills to Build More Peaceful Families
    • Peaceful and Healhty Building Blocks for Familes:
      • Rituals and Traditions
      • Communication
      • Playing Together
      • Restoring Balance
    • introductory or series
    • collaborative program with Opalanga, other Professional Storytellers
      and The Conflict Center 
  • Family Peace Day or Picnic - Activities, Stories, Food, and Cooperative Games
  • Storytelling and Literacy Based Programs
    • Peace Wrestling -Multicultural stories of Peace
    • Circles of Peace - True stories of peacebuilding
    • The Third Side of Peace - True Stories of Transformation
    • Peace in Our Home - Families Discover their own Stories of Peace
    • Crossing Borders: Interfaith stories of Peace
    • Weaving a Rug of Peace - six week parent program
    • In Harmony: Stories & Songs for Peace Family Program, with Carla Sciaky
  • Got the Grrr's? Anger Management for the Family

***Please also visit Parent & Family under Pages Peace, NonViolence and Building Bridges Balance and Harmony