Creating A Life of Balance & Harmony

Balance & Harmony is an interactive, fluid process rather than a static goal.

My approach involves participants in a dynamic, sometimes playful, and informative manner.

Susan at a PresentationSusan at a Presentation













Please visit the Specific Pages (to the left) for detailed information on workshops, training, conference, Walk & Talk Sessions, and individual sessions. 

These sessions can be single sessions, a series, a combination of training, and coaching or private sessions.

Continuing Education Credits available for Social Workers  and Teachers

My work is based on:

  • A Holistic Model
  • Assets and Strengths Based Model
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Systems Theory
  • Practical Life Skills
  • Compassionate Communication - concepts & tools
  • Courage & Renewal - Practices & Principles

Susan helps you create and support a vision of the daily life you hope to lead for your

  • self
  • important relationships
  • family
  • classroom
  • school
  • group
  • organization
  • community


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