Storyteller and Story Listener

Storytelling is the art of sharing story, inviting listeners into a story, and contributing to
a sense of connectedness.

Story Listening is the art of listening, practice in learning to let the story unfold, connecting
to aspects of the story, and finding universal truths - both inside and outside of ourselves.

Performances and programs for children to seniors - everyone loves a good story.

Story awakens our imagination! The power of story: 

  • teaches ideas & strategies
  • supports literacy - reading & writing skills
  • touches our heart & soul
  • creates a rich inner life
  • connects us to ourselves and others
  • creates opportunties for healing
  • reveals universal truths and wisdom
  • connects us to our cultural & family backgrounds
  • connects us to and teaches us about history
  • inspires us in a deep and profound way
  • tickles our funny bone and helps us laugh!

I offer Educational and Applied Storytelling Programs.

Please visit each page for a listing of these interactive and inspiring
peformances & workshops!

Educational Storytelling is the sharing of the gift of story to:

  • deepen connections within a family
  • learn about other cultures and the world around us
  • learn about your family, cultural and religious history & values
  • find inspiration in biographical & personal stories
  • support for literacy & other curriculum areas
  • tickle your funny bone!
  • share with others

Applied Storytelling is the intentional use of story to create a process of:

  • creating opportunity for healing and growth
  • teaching concepts, skills and strategies
  • nurturing and deepening a greater sense of connectedness
  • pulling on the threads of a story for universal themes
  • community building
  • foster a sense of connectedness to self and others
  • inspiring hope and vision