Walk & Talk Sessions


Walk in a place of beauty and Talk about what matters to you.

Walk & Talk Sessions® help you connect to nature and yourself.

Wash Park Walk 2113Wash Park Walk 2113


Consider Walk & Talk Sessions® for:


You and your young child in a stroller


Conflict Resolution for two individuals

Parenting Series

Reading Group


Team Building

Your Client Population

Community Buiiding







Offering a variety of program options and benefits, you will find these listed below as:

A. Skill Building and Visioning Process
Open Sessions for Individuals, Couples or Groups

2. Structured Series

  • Parenting Series
  • Adult - Create an Intentional Life
  • Change the Face of Anger - Holistic Model


3. Difficult Conversations

4. Team & Community Buiiding

5. Contemplation

6. Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul - Expanding of Self 

As with all of my programs, please discuss any special requests or desires to better meet your personal needs or customize a program for your organization.

A. Skill Building & Visioning

1. Open Sessions - Individuals, Couples, Groups
Format: We talk about what is meaningful for you during this 1 hour Walk & Talk Session®.
(I do not provide therapy, crisis intervention, or assessment services.)

Areas of focus for building skills & visioning include:

  • parenting issues
  • spiritual parenting
  • communication
  • conflict and anger management
  • creation of an intentional personal, family or communal life
  • integrating the levels of body, mind, heart and soul
  • creating greater balance and harmony in your life
  • life skills, i.e. time management, assertiveness, etc.
  • meditation
  • stress management and restorative practices
  • peacemaking skills

2. Structured Series 

Format: This 2 hour session begins with an interactive workshop on a specific topic. During the 2nd hour, we Walk & Talk about the material presented earlier. Topics can be selected from the following subject areas listed below.

a. Parenting Series - Nurture Balance & Harmony in Your Family Life
b. Adult Program - Create an Intentional Life

c. Change the Face of Anger - A Holistic Approach

3. Difficult Conversations

This program works with both "sides" to move through conflict, anger, and other challenging issues or obstacles. Creating a process and structure together, we will have conversations where we discover and develop the third side of peace.


4. Team & Community Building

Build both relationships and skills, through activities and walking activites, such as:

  • learning to match one's pace with others
  • observing nature from similar and different perspectives
  • playfulness and joy of walking outside
  • spending time together
  • shared experiences
  • safely being with someone you are not comfortable with
  • contemplative questions & readings to discuss
  • visioning questions to ponder and discuss
  • dialogue pairs and switching partners
  • silent contemplation
  • different levels of conversation
  • mindful listening and mindful talking activities
  • releases stress and anger, which sometimes blocks connection
  • letting go of conversation and being silent together

I can develop a Walk & Talk to meet your specific communal desires and needs.

D.  Contemplative

Sunshine through the treesSunshine through the trees

Customized to reflect your individual, family, or group needs, the contemplative components include:

mindfulness of own's body

thoughts and emotions

presence to self

presence to others

presence to nature

meditative rhythm of walking

structured questions and readings to ponder

mindful listening on four levels

mindful talking on four levels



6. Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul - Expanding of Self 

Based on my holistic model, this two hour program focuses on in-depth learning on each of the four levels of body, mind, heart, and soul.

This Walk & Talk® program incorporates a learning session prior to the walking time. Each session explores how to expand each level and integrate these four levels to create a more balanced daily life. Re-balancing will also be covered.




As we walk at your pace, this meditative practice has benefits for the levels of your body, mind, heart, and soul, including:


  • gets you outside and into our rich, urban nature
  • walking is a low impact activity
  • research shows walking can lower your risk of
    • heart attack and stroke
    • reduce body weight
    • lower blood pressure
    • decrease chances of developing diabetes & osteoporosis
    • less joint pain
  • learning breathing techniques
  • relaxes body tension
  • connection to one's own body
  • releases healthy, energizing hormones
  • leg movement creates a soothing rhythm for a meditative practice


  • calms your inner dialogue
  • focus on learning new skills and strategies
  • engages you to move forward in your problem solving
  • contemplation
  • gives you a break from technology
  • helps you identify your own strengths & gifts
  • opens up possibilities
  • safe place for difficulty conversations
  • think more clearly
  • sense of empowerment to make changes


  • positive release of anger, frustration and other emotions
  • reduces stress and helps uncover what is underneathe
  • meaningful conversation leads to an intentional life
  • opens your heart
  • helps you get unstuck by finding a direction to move in
  • improved mood
  • creates connection to self and others
  • opens your heart
  • restores balance and harmony


  • allows you to listen to your own inner wisdom
  • enables you to just breath
  • creates a connection to self and others
  • healing experience of witnessing awe, wonder, and beauty
  • physical connection to place
  • nurtures your sense of community
  • exposes you to the healing aspects of nature
  • community buiiding
  • relationship building

Susan after a Walk & TalkSusan after a Walk & Talk














I developed this program out of my own love of walking, inspiration from nature,
and the transformative experience of walking and talking outside.

I hope you consider this innovative program to get moving and engage with your life!

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