Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual Parenting is an active and mindful process to awaken your family life with 

    a sense of connectedness and meaning

             movement towards wholeness

                       create a deeply loving, joyful & playful environment for all.

Spiritual Parenting draws upon and/or helps you strengthen your own family's religious and/or spiritual rituals, traditions and values. My approach is not based in any specific religious or spiritual tradition.  The four levels of body, mind, heart and soul are a foundation for my work.

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Here is a quick survey for you consider:

__Do you feel a sense of connectedness within your family?

__How do you bring your values, dreams and vision alive each day?

__is your family life full of playfulness, love and joy?

__Can you discipline with a sense of connectedness?

__How do you weave the four levels of body, mind, heart, and soul?

__Where do you bring your spiritual and/or religious traditions into your daily life?


Parents weave together a meaningful family life with many of the following areas:

  1. a mindful approach to daily life
  2. balance and gentleness in the patterns of daily life
  3. greater integrity as you bring values alive
  4. enjoyment of each developmental stage of both the children and parents
  5. live a more simplified life
  6. a sense of connectedness to self and others
  7. a sense of connectedness to something greater than self
  8. fullness and wholeness of life
  9. courage to address and change the negative patterns
  10. ability to ask questions and wrestle with those questions
  11. create opportunities for deep listening to each other
  12. help to repair our world and make it a better place for all families
  13. discovery of strengths and inner wisdom
  14. celebration, joy, reflection and playfulness
  15. connection to nature and the world around your family
  16. what would you add here?

***These programs are also available for Teachers and Child Care Providers who want a more       meaningful and joyful classroom.

Workshops include:

  • Spiritual Parenting (or Teaching)
  • Parenting with Intention - Integrating Body, Mind, Heart and Soul
  • Use Rituals to Enrich your Family Life
  • Create an Intentional Family Life
  • Spiritual Parenting & Positive Discipline -Joys & Challenges
  • How to Deal with The Effects of Popular Culture
  • How to Parent when Life is Out of Balance
  • Living Between Two Worlds - Build Bridges in Your LIfe (Interfaith, spiritual, etc.)
  • Forgiveness: Narrow or Spacious Mind?


Collaborative Program Options include:

Storytime Yoga and Spiritual Parenting, with Yoga teacher Sydney Solis

Peace in the Family - build a more peaceful family with four critical buidling blocks:

  • rituals & traditions
  • communication
  • playing together
  • restoring balance
This program is in inconjunction with Opalanga.