All of my work involves supporting deep listening - please look at the specific pages for detailed examples and the range of programs and services.

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  • Balance and Harmony© - Training, Coaching, Consultation
  • Peace, Nonviolence & Building Bridges
  • Walk & Talk Sessions®
  • Storytelling & Story listening®
  • Private Sessions, Coaching, Consultation
  • Colorado Courage and Renewal-                                                                                    Women's Seasonal Retreat series 2014-2015! begins in March, 2014                    Courage Earth Retreat  May, 2014
  • Compassionate Communication, based on Marshal Rosenberg's nonviolent Communication work - upcoming classes!
  • Yoga -  Open heart & Protected heart                                                                                             NEW CLASS starts Jan, 2014 - Schlessman YMCA, 7:30 - 8:30 am                    Also ask about Shabbat Yoga

This work is based on my Balance & Harmony Holistic Model©, integrating the four levels of





Each level is like a leg on a table. As a table depends on the strength of each leg, so do each of us depend on each level as an important aspect in our life.

Combined, these levels help us become balanced and in harmony. Yet, when one leg is shorter than the others, the table wobbles. We all "wobble". By being present to our "wobble" we change, grow and re-balance - the process of life itself.

Some individuals, families, and peoples may have "shorter legs" - due to poverty, illness, racism, violence, or other challenges. Work to balance these levels in your life and in the lives of others.

***Continuing Education Credits are available for Social Workers and Child Care Providers

Balance and harmony is a process and a goal. No one stays in a perfectly balanced place- an individual, family, group or community experiences change anc conflict.

Learning to notice the signs of being imbalanced helps maintain an ability to readjust. 

Identify your strengths and learn & pratice new tools to move you, your family, group, school, work, or community toward wholeness and greater peace.

Here is a quick survey for you consider:

___Do you feel stuck?

___Do you have a daily peace practice?

___Does your life feel balanced or fragmented?

___Does your family, school or communal life feel balanced?

___What are your experiences with building bridges with someone who is similar? Different?

___How do you take care of your body, mind, heart, and soul?

___How does your school, group, or organization take care of it's body, mind, heart and soul?

___Do you experience a sense of harmony in your personal, family, or work life?

___When was the last time you were moved by a story? Tickled your funny bone? Inspired you?

___Are you able to listen to someone else's story with understanding and empathy?

___When have you had conversation with "your enemy" and found common ground?

___Are you looking for parenting skills to create the family life you want?

___Do you put aside your judgements to be present to another and truly listen to their story?

___When was the last time you took a long walk and felt restored?

___How do you spend time in nature?

___Is your school or professional staff seeking more training?

___Can you describe the sense of connectedness you feel with yourself? Family? Others? Work?

___Do you feel congruence between your dreams & values and the life you are currently living?

___What skills do you use to feel connected to yourself, others, nature & the world around you?

___Are you interested in building bridges in your personal, family, school or communal life?

___Is stress getting in your way? What does stress look like in your life?


Consider a workshop, a training series, or coaching.  

Be bold and creative.

Reach out to learn new ideas and techniques and to strengthen your skills.

Develop greater balance and harmony in your internal and external life.

Engage your strengths and place yourself in your life.